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I don't want to over sell this in anyway but this framework is based on the 'Aha' moment that lead to all my other major 'Aha' moments and now I want to share it with you.

I would say if you could only do one thing with me for the rest of your life this would be the one thing you should choose. My Winning Mindset Framework has already been a game-changer for those who were willing to listen, learn and put the time in... 

The day I discovered the answer wasn't luck but personal choice...

"I thought some people were unfairly lucky; the rest of us had to work extra hard to have any chance of competing with them. Even then the odds were against you. Oh how wrong I was; The lucky few just didn't broadcast what they were doing and were often working just as hard as me... "

While they were working as hard as me there was one major difference and it is the same difference you find in abundance in the world of sport. These lucky few were not lucky, they were hard working, just like me but the big difference was not easily discovered and that is because the difference is in how they think not how hard they work or some mystical reservoir of luck.

I thought if it is good enough for them then it has to be something I need to embrace. I won't bore you with the detail save to share with you that I spent the best part of my childhood listening to those who were closest to me and believing what they told me about me and my future. The consequence of which was all very predicable. Now I was being told something different.

I was also told that if I kept on doing the same things and expected different results I was going to spend much of my time being disappointed one way or another and that too was true. The first thing I embraced is number 3 on the list and it worked so well that from that moment on all ten elements became part of my strategy. But I am human and that means that from time to time I fall off the wagon. That's okay, just climb back on, it is the accumulative effect that will win the day. Item, three is visualisation and the moment I learnt how to do it properly everything started to change both on and off the Rugby field!

That was a really AHA moment for me and I decided to research it which included the works of Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and many others with the same message. My next step was to study their work and apply it. That was the period in my life when everything for me changed. The journey is not done and I have so much more I must do, but now at least I am doing it with a mindset that is designed for winning.

I want you to experience it too, I want you to embark on this framework as I did and change your fortunes. When the penny drops you may even want to undertake the other programs if this is your first, or revisit them if not but this time with a different mindset, the results are incredible, if you Learn, Share and Develop!

If you can answer Yes to these questions then this framework is going to  give you the same as it gave me !

  • I am willing to learn
  • ​I am willing to put the effort in
  • I am willing to listen
  • I am willing to put the time in

A message from Chris...

The ten point winning Mindset development framework...

I am going to make you a promise right now, even before you have scrolled down the page to find out what this is all about. My promise is this; I am so confident that you will benefit from this offer that I am giving you a money back guarantee for the first thirty days and I am doing this not just because I'm convinced you'll love this program but because this is not about the money, this is about me helping as many people as possible to experience the difference this can make when you put both then time and the effort in...

The Winning Mindset Framework...

1. Driving Force

As is best with many things, to reset your thinking into the unmistakable winning mindset it is best to go back to the beginning and so that is what we will do. This is not, everything must be positive, this is more about learning from the past, living in the moment with an eye on the future we ultimately desire. The first step has to be to gain an understanding of how and why we think the way we do and then to set about adjusting that to suit the outcome we desire most...

2. unswerving Belief

If you study the good and the great throughout history and in the present day, you will soon discover that those who experience the greatest success in their chosen arena, are those who have a belief system that cannot be turned. This is a vitally important component and this program helps you find your place.

3. Visualisation

Visualisation done well and on a regular basis is one of the most powerful tools. We not only explain how it works but help you to become expert in its execution and application. Once mastered you will begin to see the influence it has over your performance and results.

4. Knowledge

Knowledge, as you'd expect plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of a winning mindset and so the key is to make sure that you have the knowledge, nit just ant knowledge but the right knowledge to gain what it is you want the most...

That's not all there is...

The framework is not even halfway through yet, but this will give you a good idea of what you're going to get when you subscribe, not forgetting the bonus items too! 

Other key areas the framework covers include the following: 

  • Imagination: A creative mind is what you need because the best way to predict your future is to be imaginative and invent it...
  • Planning: No matter what you might be told, a wing and a prayer is not going to cut it, you need to have a plan, let us show you how...
  • Emotional Intelligence: The great new is this can be developed and once you have developed yours, the world will open up to you, we want to show you how to improve yours and open new opportunities...
  • ​Leadership: Influence and creating an authentic leadership style are also key to the overall process of gaining the winning mindset, rather than blind faith mixed in with the wrong actions...
  • Mastermind: Success is never a solo sport, which is another reason why leadership makes it into the program. Learning the true value of the mastermind is central to this. There is a good reason for this and we want to share it with you...  
  • ​Learn, Share, Develop: Maintaining and growing this mindset is helped no end by the actions of learning, sharing your knowledge and in so doing developing yourself and others, let this framework show you how...

How The Program Works

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  • 2: When you start the program you will also be able to take advantage of the support that goes with the course and the mastermind groups held on Zoom on a regular basis.
  • 3: The Program follows our Ultimate success Framework which has been split into a series of easy to follow modules. These in turn have been split into lessons allowing you to dip in and out as you wish.


 Access to the Winning Mindset Framework

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 Ultimate Success Framework Mastermind

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