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Real world experience coupled with lessons from the best of breed in business today, this online development program will challenge you to push the envelope and create exceptional and sustainable results for you and your business. 

Before we get into the contents of this online program that you can complete at your pace, I wanted to share with you the back story, because it is relevant and illustrates that we all have to walk the same path you are walking now. In fact this program is based on the point in my own business career when everything for me changed and I had that amazing A-Ha moment. Up until that point and with the benefit of hindsight, I now know I was playing at it until the Seven C's came to life for me...

A Personal but familiar story...

"The back story to the birth of the Rainmakers Club Flagship Development Program & Why this could be the best decision you make this year!"

I remember in my early days of business, I used to say I can't, because that what other people told me, that is what they wanted me to believe because that is what they believed. You can't build a big business, you don't know enough, you don't have enough money, you don't have the experience, you don't have a great and unique idea, and so the message of don't continued to cascade down from those who think they know best but consistently miss the point. The point being I can and I did, and you can too. 

Picture the scene I was sitting in my office, in those dats it was an office I shared with my partner who also worked on the business with me. We shared a glance, no words were needed, the feelings we were sharing were clear from the expression in our eyes as we looked at each other across the desk. 

You see we had just taken a call from our friend and banker. He told us enough was enough, that we were, in his opinion on a hiding to nothing. We had to stop pumping money into our broken business. There was no hope for its survival, we had done the best we could do and it was now time to cut and run and save what was left of our personal equity before we went bust! 

I want you to pause for a moment and imagine how that moment felt, it was devastating. But listen, I don't to dwell on that part of the story. I want to turn the clock forward just over three years later...

I looked across the room at my partner and we shared a glance, no words were spoken, there was no need as we both knew what the other was feeling. To be frank we wouldn't have been able to share a conversation as this was not that small room with one shared desk. We were now in an office that contained thirty five work stations and at each workstation was a team member working with us on our shared vision. 

The look we shared was one of pride for what he had achieved with the help of our team. From zero to just over £1.3 million in sales per month in just over three years is what we had done. Despite all the naysayers we did it. We followed a process that had been learnt the hard way. 

Now you can learn what we did and follow the same model avoiding all the mistakes because we made them so you don't have to! Welcome to the Seven C's of Why development program. If you follow the program, make it your own and follow the process you WILL build a business capable of exceptional and sustainable results.

I want you to know that much of what we are told by the mainstream world is based on misleading information, most of it is not true and you can do whatever it is you put your mind to in business and in life! Today I want to focus on the business bit. You can do whatever you want if you are willing to tick the following boxes and join this program: 

  • I am willing to trust myself: I am willing to ignore the naysayers and focus on what I can do and learn more to mitigate weak areas.
  • ​I am willing to trust this expert business: Of course you need to read on so that I can earn that trust...
  • I am willing to learn from others: I am willing to and want to learn from others to help me create a business or true worth. 
  • I am willing to put the time in: Investing in my personal and business development will require me to invest a little time and I am okay with that. 

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this is what you're going to get...


The Seven C's Of Why

The Seven C's Represent the core lessons learnt over a number of years all brought together under one easy to follow development program that you can undertake in your own time and at the pace that suits you. What is clear too me is, if you make time and follow the path you will achieve sustainable and exceptional results, this is the first step on that journey:

  • ​My Path: I have walked the path, started businesses, grown them, sold them. I have done my corporate apprenticeship and been the CEO of a few international companies on both sides of the Atlantic. I have written and published books on business and personal development. It is my mission to help (really help) as many businesses as I can before I go...
  • Why listen to meI have taken my last service business from zero to over Thirteen Million in Sales per year and then sold it on so that I could focus on the next project. I have worked with and helped well over 900 businesses to grow. Those that follow the seven C's on average experience a 37% increase in sales. This is not a scheme, this is a proven set of principles that lie behind all successful ventures. 
  • Act nowThere's nothing to stop you. Act now and take advantage of this exceptional offer with this significant discount. No tricks, no small print just the one off payment and then access to a model that will result in exceptional sustainable results, all you have to do is learn and implement with my support at your shoulder for the duration...

Here's what you get:

When you sign up to this amazing program you will gain so much more than meets the eye. Here is a a quick review of everything you are going to get when you place your order...

  • ​Number one: You're gonna get full access to the course material, which you can work through at your own pace.
  • Number twoYou're gonna get an accountability partner and a direct communication link to them to help you maintain momentum once you get started on the program. 
  • Number threeYou're gonna get a signed copy of the book that was written as a cut-down version of the course. 

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Personal Copy Of The Book

The book makes a great companion to the course and is something to help you focus your attention the Seven C's we will be  deep diving during the program.

  • ​Number one: You're gonna get your own signed copy of this book as part of the package. 
  • Number two: Included in the book are some complimentary exercises to complete.
  • Number threeYou're gonna get a cut down version of the program in the book so you can use it to remind you of the main lessons you will learn as you turn your business into one that creates exceptional and sustainable results.

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