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The challenges you face each day and your desire to create an exceptional business set you aside from the majority of the world. But the success you seek is not obtained in isolation, success is never a solo game! Time is short and you need to know you have the support when you need it the most. 

This Podcast will be there to guide you through some of the challenges you face, giving you valuable alternate views to encourage your innovative thinking.

As the series of episodes builds you will have a useful library to refer to. So subscribe today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

A Personal message from Chris...

"The way you think, the way you see the world and your courage to create and embrace change is what makes you memorable & remarkable!"

A great business idea, technical skills, and an engaging personality or message are no longer enough in today's fast-moving business world. Today we need so much more. We need to be more Purple Pirate than Corporate Blue! 

When you subscribe to my Purple Pirate Podcast, you will certainly be challenged with new ideas and views, entertained, and given the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Rainmaker in a world crying out for Purple Pirates...

The world needs more Purple Pirates! Take some time, look around, and you'll find the Purple Pirate characteristics in all but a very few of the most successful business personalities of our time. Believe me, that is no coincidence! 

The term Purple Pirate is me smashing together two important messages from two great thought leaders and authors, Seth Godin and Sam Conniff Allende. 

Seth Godin makes the point that as an enterprising person you should want your business to be remarkable and stand out from the crowd. He used the story of a Purple Cow in the middle of a field full of black and white cows as his example. Imagine how the Purple Cow would stand out!

Then we have the true story of the Golden Age of Pirates and how they pushed the status quo to bring about change that was eventually adopted by the mainstream. Modern day Pirates are doing the same and the best of them are Purple. As Steve Jobs once said, "I'd rather be a Pirate than join the Navy. If you know your history you'll understand his point..."

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