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Building your business machine

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Access To Your Ultimate Personalised Mentoring & Coaching Package that will change everything is literally moments away...

This program has been used all over the world to create exceptional results...

For the first time this program has been reimagined to make it attractive and suitable for the Micro and Small business community. Same great content, quality, support and value but for a fraction of the usual price! 

This video clip gives you the story behind the Unique to
Accelerate Program

If you thought I was crazy with previous offers. You really will think I've lost my marbles, because this is such an insane offer...

Access to my Ultimate Business Development Program for a staggering 90% discount! Told you it was insane

My usual Non-Member discount price, which is still amazing value, has just been knocked out the park by this offer. Spending such a small amount to accelerate your growth, improve your skills & generate Thousands in sales, just got even better with one year's one-to-one mentoring and coaching included - The entire program is yours for just 10% of the Usual Price. This is no gimmick, its not a Sale, it is a genuine One Time Offer, never to be repeated when this offer closes...

there must be a catch!

Let me assure you, there is no catch of that you can be assured. No strings, no small print, no tricks, no additional purchase once you've signed up, you are going to get exactly what it says on the tin, well actually there is no tin, but you will get what I have detailed for you below, keep reading, there's more surprises to come

How the program works...

First you need to sign up for our FREE DISCOVERY session, yes it is free and totally risk free and without obligation. This offer is so special because we will be spending so much time on you and your business development and the price is insanely reasonable and will fit most budgets. Right now all you need to do is book your slot to our FREE online Discovery Session and if you like it make your application to be one of the few we take on. My advice is to Act Now, we limit the number of people we offer this game-changing service to each year because we need to give you quality time.   

The application is nothing to worry about, it just makes sure that we are going to be able to work well together, because I want to actively help you to get the best possible results, just like I have for many businesses before who have taken on this program, albeit without this insane discount! 

Your Program With the application done we will make an immediate start. Your program will be specific to you and your business, it will be designed with your specific needs front and centre, once designed we can start immediately.

You will be given access to all the materials and you will have your own secure area on our platform where we can Learn, Share, and Develop.  We will work to your pace, it is important that you push the boundaries. In pushing, with out support we can create something remarkable. The information we share with you will be in Modules and Lessons using a variety of media to ensure you are give the best possible opportunity to learn, and put what you have learnt into practice. All underpinned with regular one-to-one meetings via Zoom with your Mentor and Coach.

One-To-One To save on time and cost the majority if not all of our meetings will be held online using Zoom. This will be a regular feature of your development and coaching program. I am not going to limit the frequency of these important meetings, we will do what we need to to get the right results for you. 

The Contents...

The best of the best bringing together key elements of all the Rainmakers Club Programs...

The Accelerate Program includes all the best bits from all our other programs, so that means you are going to get my personal attention as we work through the framework that I have used numerous times with my business and many of my clients on both sides of the Atlantic. 

We will be deep diving all seven of the core subjects but more than that we will deep-dive all of the sub menus too.

When it comes to creating exceptional business sales and conversion is always going to be up there...

We will be making sure that you become gain mastery in selling on and off line and the creation of sales funnels that work and convert into meaningful revenue for your business. Funnels are great but without traffic you own their value is limited to what you can spend, so we look at lead generation and value ladders too.   

Creating a well oiled machine...

You know when you've made it because you will have a business that operates like a well oiled machine, even when you are not there. This is all about building a business that is not only capable of creating exceptional and sustainable result but can also work for you, rather than you working for it.  


 Access to the Accelerate Program 

Fast-track to business success with  personal mentoring and coaching with the founder and author of the Rainmakers Club.

£7,000 (Value)

 Access to the Seven C's  Program 

The Ultimate success framework and coaching.

£750 (Value)

 Access to the Funnel Mastery Program 

Knowledge, technique and wireframe design to make you a funnel master.

£500 (Value)

 Access to Sales Mastery Program 

Knowledge, technique and wireframe design to make you a sales master.

£1,000 (Value)

 Program Support From The Author

A level of support usually only given to our full paying members.

£1,000 (Value)

 Funnel Builder Mastermind Group

Usually exclusive to our Elite members only. 

£360 (Value)

 Presenting Skills Mastermind Group

Usually exclusive to our Elite members only. 

£265 (Value)

 Building The Machine Mastermind 

Our regular mastermind group, including Zoom mastermind meetings on all things relating to the creation of scale in your business.

£750 (Value)

 Inner Circle Membership Platform Access

Unlimited Access to all of the Inner Circle features and events.

£720 (Value)

 Signed Copies of the latest books by Chris

You will also get a personalised signed copy of the Making Rain and The Seven C's Of Why books.

Free Bonus

TOTAL VALUE: £12,345




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