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You probably don't feel much like a super hero, but the reality is you're in business and in our world that makes you special, a bit of a superhero. We know what it takes to create a business of true worth, a business capable of creating exceptional and sustainable results.  We also know the effort it takes and how important the right support is at the right time. Support that helps without breaking the bank!

The author of this book, who also happens to be the founder of the Rainmakers Club, understands, because he too has walked that path on more than a few occasions. Now he will tell you, it's his turn to guide those willing to listen, willing to learn and willing to make the framework their own. This book along with the special limited time bonus will guide you to even greater success! 

Order the book and make this winning framework your own, stay with it and watch how it will first change the way you feel about your business and secondly start to create better results, what you put in will pay you back ten times over! Each time you feel the need reach out and we will be there to guide you...

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In the book we deal with scale but it is worth noting Building scale is not about getting bigger, it is about building a business that can operate like a well oiled machine. A business capable of creating exceptional and sustainable results, a business capable of working for you rather than the other way around and you do that by creating scale. Scale is not represented by size but by efficiency and results. 

In this book you will learn how the Seven C's are essential for business success and that for exceptional results they not only need to be present but in perfect balance too. 

You will also be invited to join our community, our Tribe. We call them our Purple Pirates and like all good Pirates they know how to navigate the 7C's. Become more Purple Pirate today with this amazing book offer!

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This is not Rocket Science, but it is empirically proven. You can achieve exceptional and sustainable results by first understanding and then following the Seven C's model of Cadence, Clarity, Communication, Control, Cash, Construction and Collaboration. Following this model, joining the community, you can create a business to be proud of. Cutting to the chase, for just £25, you could change your future...

In the book, we explore aspects of the winning mindset and the irrefutable truth behind the influence on your actions your prevailing mindset will attract. The fact that many Startups, Micro and Small Businesses tend to give up too soon, based on often misleading information fed to them by mainstream thinking which is often based on outdated conventions, opinions and misleading advice. 

You won't find any BS in this book, just the simple truth and a focus on what matters when building a business capable of creating exceptional and sustainable results. A business that can be developed into one that works for you rather than you working for it. Each of the book's seven sections is broken down into easily manageable bites. 

This book can be used as a  part of the more detailed seven C's Program.  

The book does not overcomplicate the process behind building a business to be proud of, and the lessons that need to be learnt can often be lost in jargon, but not in this case. 

With our Seven C's model, white noise has been eliminated, replaced with logical, easy-to-understand  models that you can follow with ease. The book is packed with useful exercises to help you take full advantage of the content. 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel; there are some great tools out there to help with the sensible development of any business, regardless of size or stage of development, and this book contains some of the most popular and useful tools to apply to your specific development requirements. Not forgetting support from the author too! 


Readers  views about the book

John Stanton Inner Circle Member

"As soon as I read The Seven C's Of Why book, I knew this was something special. It serves as an inspiration and will guide and motivate you to create something of worth for yourself and those around you..."

David Jefferies Inner Circle Member

"The Seven C's Of Why. I have read many books about business development. This one is different; It is easy to understand and action and with the support of membership is a truly valuable tool..."

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