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Did you know that Public Speaking is one of the biggest fears for many people in business. Some find it so stressful that it will actually make them feel physically sick! Others have got over the initial fear of presenting but want to learn to be better at this must-have skill for anyone in business.

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to refine your skills this program is for you...

I stood at the back of the room, the fear building, I wanted to run to the exit...

The more the lesson progresses the closer it was getting to the moment that I would need to stand in front of the class and give my presentation. As the minutes ticked the fear increased, maybe I would be lucky, maybe the session would over-run and they would need to finish before the finger of doom pointed at me! At that moment I would have given anything to be somewhere else, anywhere but in this classroom at this moment in time...

I was in my first couple of years in the Army, having completed the basic training and now deployed to my unit. I already had my first active service tour under my belt, what could possibly stand in my way now. During training I had smashed it. But this was different. I had been identified as a good prospect for a leadership role and had been selected for a promotion course. Part of the process was to test the candidates on their presenting and training skills. This was because part of the role would include training other soldiers and for that you needed to be a good presenter and public speaker. not something I had considered when I joined. I didn't see past the blood and guts!

This is something I had never done before and I am naturally a shy person. I was also always full of self doubt and had a very bad habit of looking around and seeing everyone else as better than me at what we were doing. Later I would learn that this was me not them and that with some simple adjustments to the way I was thinking I could completely change the game!

The finger of doom, well actually the Finger of my instructor Sgt Thomas pointed at me and like. lamb to the slaughter I went to the front of the class and made a complete ass of myself! George Thomas was a good man and he saw my plight and took time to teach and coach me. A few months later I was standing in front of 30 solders I have not met before teaching them and loving every minute of it.

Later when I left the army to embark on my business career I continued to employ all of the hints and tips given to me by George and now I have added my own wisdom gained during years of developing my own presentation skills. This Presenting Framework will give you all you need to know to become a great presenter for your business.

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what the Framework contains...

When you buy this amazing offer and I call it amazing because once you see the subjects we cover and the value you gain, you'll be saying it for us! Here are the headline subjects we will be covering as we reveal to you the Presenter Framework, joining this program that can mean the difference between mediocre and exceptional presenting skills...

Part 1 - Presenting Like a pro

The Presenting Framework is split into two sections the first is all about the presenting like a professional and so you will learn all about the art of presenting and how to improve your skills. We will look at the challengers and how to manage them. You will learn techniques used by the biggest and brightest presenters today, to help you to not just improve but to find more enjoyment in delivering the various presentations all business owners will need to deliver.

part 2- Preparing your event

Once you have learnt your baseline skills for presenting like a professional the next logical step is to also learn how to plan your presentation and create memorable events for your target audiences. In this section we wil look at the best ways to plan, prepare and then deliver your presentations to be effective and above all memorable for all the right reasons, with your audience knowing exactly what is expected of them post the presentation.

The art of presenting

There is an art to presenting, of that there is no doubt. But I want to be clear this is an art that can be taught and learnt. We start small to help you build your confidence and build it will. By the time you have completed this program you'll be ready to take on most speaking challenges.

Content Production

After confidence in yourself, and the right knowledge and practice the next most important part of presenting and public speaking is the content you use. Many people will struggle just as much with the content as they will with any other aspect of presenting. so for that reason we make sure you gain plenty of coaching on the production of content for your presentations using the standard tools that the majority of us have easy access to in this day and age.


You can judge how effective your presentations are by the level of engagement with your presentation your audience is feeling. There is no doubt the more engaged they are the more you are going to get aa a result of the presentation and all of your hard work. When the audience is engaged you will see the results as they follow through on your various calls to action.


A good presenter can cover over many shortcomings in the presentation with their skill and engagement. But, if they want to deliver a truly remarkable and memorable speech or presentation then the best advice is to plan everything and test it too. In this part of the program we will make sure you understand the planning process to that you can deliver exceptional.

practice your skills

A wing and a prayer is not going to cut it. Oh you might get away with it once or even twice but lack of preparation, lack of planning and rehearsal and lack or testing and checking will eventually catch you out. We will work with you to ensure all your hard work does not get wasted at the last hurdle by assisting you in the practice of your skills with a series o0f exercises and support that comes with this special offer.

How The Program Works

  • 1: Once you have completed your purchase, we will send you an email containing all the information and links to give you access to this program and the bonus items that accompany this offer.
  • 2: When you start the program you will also be able to take advantage of the support that goes with the course and the mastermind groups held on Zoom on a regular basis.
  • 3: The Program follows our Framework which has been split into a series of easy to follow modules. These in turn have been split into lessons allowing you to dip in and out as you wish.


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