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the ultimate Sales vlog

"In my book 'Making Rain' I talk about the importance of understanding the irrefutable rules that govern sales success in business.

While technology changes and our habits change too, there is a consistency to human behaviour and the way be buy that makes understanding the two sides of the sales coin, technology on one side and human nature on the other, vital to your sale success. 

In this regular sales fix I will be going through the rules of selling how to actually apply them to a range of business models as well as dealing with questions from our subscribers to add even more value to this Vlog series.

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A Personal message from Chris...

"Selling has always polarised those in business, regardless of your views, one thing is clear without sales survival is not possible for long."

Selling is not about foot in the door tactics and cold calling, selling is about quality relationships, understanding and a desire to serve your target market and that desire needs to be governed by a set of relevant rules that are easily followed and applies to any business.

This video sales diary will share with you the ten core rules and how to apply them to your business. All of our subscribers are encouraged to send in questions and we will deal with the most popular questions within the series...

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