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Before I went into business I was a professional soldier. Before joining up I had a number of reasonable jobs. Leadership was not a subject I ever considered and then things for me changed. It wasn't until I had joined my unit that I began to understand what a true leader could achieve and that leadership can be both taught and learnt. 

Later when I entered the world of business leadership was very much on my agenda, I had learnt that to be a leader would give me the edge over so many who gave it little or no thought. This program is based on my military and business career where leadership sits at the epicentre of success. 

I had an advantage & now I want you to have that same advantage...

I stood in the corridor with a line of guys of a similar age and with similar dreams of a heroic future. First you heard the footsteps, they were loud and assured. Then the shadow appeared on the wall by the doorway, then in front of us was our new Drill Sergeant. In that one moment we all felt the same fear! 

Later I was to meet my section commander, this felt completely different, while he commanded respect he also created confidence in is actions. He inspired, motivated, coached and mentored, to the point that I would follow him anywhere. His leadership skills penetrated so deep that all these years later I still count him as one of the most important people in my life. We don't get to talk much anymore but time has not dulled the loyalty I feel for my leader. 

It was that leadership that taught me the basics and resulted in many other skills such as public speaking, calmness but action in a tight squeeze, resilience and persistence. 

If I tell people I learnt my leadership skills during my army days, that paints for them a very misleading picture. Although I learnt a bit in the army about what being a good leader means, the journey continues for years and I am still learning today. Leadership is not a journey that starts and then ends with you coming out the other end a ready to go leader, it is more a vocation and lifelong lesson in human behaviour. 

When the word leadership is used the picture it paints in your mind is often misleading. If you talk about leadership skills to the sole trader, they might say to themselves, why do I need to worry about that, there is just me! When you talk to the boss running a team they might think, I am doing fine, I don't need any help on this subject...

Those in leadership will tell you a slightly different story, leadership improves relationships, marketing, sales, reputation, brand and much more and so I want to share with you what I have learnt along the way so you can add the lessons to your own leadership journey...

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What The Program Contains 

My hope is when you see what this amazing program offers, you will want to join me and start your leadership development with this valuable program, designed just for you...

What is Leadership 

Sometimes the seemingly easy questions hide complexities that need to be explored and so the program, like many of our programs start with the what makes up the foundations of leadership. At the very core of course comes you and how you think and how you invest in yourself...

The Foundations & How To Build Them 

Sometimes the seemingly easy questions hide complexities that need to be explored and so the program, like many of our programs start with the what makes up the foundations of leadership. At the very core of course comes you and how you think and how you invest in yourself.

There is no doubt that understanding and then developing your Emotional Intelligence and overall mindset is a key component in leadership, in fact it is the very cornerstone. 


Like success leadership requires you to have one foot in the past som that lessons can be heeded and learnt. One foot in the present so that you can keep things real and your eye on the future to both see what is coming down the track toward you and to deliver on the mission and vision of your business project. To do all this you need to be very mindful and work on your overall mindset too. 


Being in a position of leadership, which includes anyone who is running a business, you will have to have resilience. That is because you will get knock-backs and you will be the target of criticism. Actually as a leader of a business you should be inviting feedback and recognising its value to you. But to get good feedback you need to be prepared to hear the worst without loosing your cool. Then you need to stand up brush yourself down and get on with it. Resilience is a key requirement.  

Influence & Persuasion 

In the program we look at the the role influence and persuasion has on the success of your leadership. Of course when you are in business this also pays dividends in so many other areas of your business.

When you have influence and the art of persuasion on your side, life and business do become just a little bit easier. when it comes to this subject we share the views of Dale Carnegie and we also follow 6 very clear principles in our unique framework for effective leadership.


People often get Empathy mixed up with sympathy and when to comes to leadership it becomes all the more important to understand the difference and know how to apply them when needed. Empathy is one of the core strengths of any good leader and the great news is, like all other aspects of Emotional Intelligence this can be taught and developed... 


Where does happiness come into leadership I can hear you ask. The answer is simple, happiness at work matters more than most people realise. Your happiness and the happiness of those around you. Don't be mistaken in to thinking that happiness means the absence of negative thoughts. Happiness can certainly dramatically reduce them. Getting the best results form your business requires people and people need to be happy...

Authentic Leadership  

Nobody likes a faker and it takes up too much valuable energy creating and maintaining a fake persona for leadership. What the world needs is authentic leadership based on some very sound and clear principles. In this program we will deep dive that subject to reflect its importance. 

How The Program Works 

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  • 3: The Program follows our Leadership Framework which has been split into a series of easy to follow modules. These in turn have been split into lessons allowing you to dip in and out as you wish. 


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