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Selling is something I have always loved and always done. But I was to discover there is a smarter way to work, trouble is I burnt a lot of cash to find out how. Now I have this brilliant program so you can learn without burning cash! 

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Access to my Funnel Mastery Program with support for just £120!

My usual Non-Member discount price is £500, which is still amazing value! Spending £500 to refine your skills to generate Thousands in sales, just got even better - The entire program is yours for just £120...

The Anatomy Of Sales Funnels The Rainmakers Way...

On this program you will be introduced to the building blocks of sales funnels and what to include on your landing pages. You will learn about the various versions of funnel that can be used with your site or marketing hub. 

Demonstrability -The Rainmakers Way...

A big part of funnel success is based on how well you position your business and then identify your ideal client. The first steps are to make sure you are creating an expert business that is capable of demonstrating your levels of skill and experience. For this you will need to create the attractive character. You will then be taken through conversion and retaining the interest of the client so that they become a loyal follower of your brand and in this program we will show you how you can do all that and more.  

Getting  Leads & Converting - The Rainmakers Way...

Finally we look at the very important subject of creating leads and converting them with your content.  In this section of the program we are going to concentrate on the attraction of your ideal audience using the various social media platforms and give you a better understanding of how to fill your funnels with really compelling content that is going to draw them in and make them want to buy from you. 

Once you have signed up for this course (not forgetting you can gain access to all our programs simply by joining The Rainmakers Club) you will be directed to the course material online and you can start at your own pace without interrupting your usual business routine.  

With each module you will be given the opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions to the author of the program. 

Each Program is made up of a series of Modules and Lessons using a variety of media to ensure you are give the best possible opportunity to learn, and put what you have learnt into practice. 


 Access to the Funnel Mastery Program 

Knowledge, technique and wireframe design to make you a funnel master.

£1,500 (Value)

 Program Support From The Author

A level of support usually only given to our full paying members.

£1,150 (Value)

 Funnel Builder Mastermind Group

Usually exclusive to our Elite members only. 

£600 (Value)

 Business Development Surgery 

Our weekly Zoom mastermind on all things business development.

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