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This is no silver bullet; it's more valuable than that! This FREE regular series of real-world tips and hints is proven to work. In fact they are used by some of the world's greatest business successes and experts.

Techniques that will last the test of time and have been used by Chris to take his last business from a concept to over £1m in sales per month in just three years, no strings no catches, no small print...

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A personal message from chris... 

"Sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact on success!"

It's never about how much you have to spend to gain the advantage; it is always about the quality of the knowledge you gain, how you use it, the consistency of the right actions, and the people you choose to surround yourself with that truly make the difference. Follow the content, make it your own, and you will begin to change your outcomes. There is more, but this offer is a great start. 

When you get the time (If I were you, I would certainly make the time), I invite you to explore our other offerings and in particular the real-life benefits of membership in The Rainmakers Club. 

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When you sign up for this free offer, you'll get much more than access to the Success Hacks that sit at the very foundation of the success we all seek. You will also gain access to some exciting bonuses exclusive to BizBitz subscribers, including...


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At the core of this offer is our regular monthly email bulletin that will introduce you to Business Success Hacks that when properly applied can make all the difference.


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This offer includes the added bonus of giving you access to some of my most popular e-books and essays on subjects related to business development and compliment the business hacks.


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I will add to this, completely free, 30 days of Elite membership, giving you the chance to sample the significant benefits of being a part of our membership and the amazing savings to be made. 


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As part of your subscription, we will also share with you the strategies and tactics that have been proven to work so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


Community Access 

Once your trial has completed we still want you to be able to take advantage of the Rainmakers Community and so you retain community member status. 


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As a regular subscriber, you will have access to exclusive special offers only available for those on the BizBitz list, another great reason for subscribing.


What our members are saying about us

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Danielle Durkan - Macánta Interiors

Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining Rainmakers was where would I be if I had done this years ago. working with Chris helps me see things in a different way and helps me realise that the things I have been putting off for years can be done by breaking them in to manageable chunks and that there are ways around most challenges. His honesty is refreshing and motivating. He has a genuinely nice approach and is very generous with his time. Chris has made me hopeful for the future of my business. I would highly recommend working with Chris and joining Rainmakers. 

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Nik Aspden - Altitude Select

However good you think support from the right people can be in business you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. Chris understands so many business models and exactly how to start, run and market your business, including increasing profitability and life value of customers or clients. He can take any business to the next level and working closely with Chris we have seen him take companies above and beyond the owners expectations. He has worked with us for some time and we have experienced growth and direction changes that we never could have envisaged. A true, honest and sincere expert in the business world.

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