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Creating scale in business requires you to build the machine...

Scale does not always mean Big!

Designed for the business that wants to Scale up its operations

Access To The Business Development Program That will Help You To Create Scale In Your Business and Increase Results

Let me share with you the story behind this program...

When I first started in business I didn't really think about much more than getting the next sale and finding the money to carry on in the right direction. I was soon to learn that was a mistake. I put this program together so you don't have to make the same mistakes... 

This video clip gives you the story behind the our Building The Business Machine Program.

I have a reputation for almost giving things away. That is misleading, i just sell them for a realistic Affordable price...

You can gain Access to This Business Development Program for just £180

My usual Non-Member discount price, which is still amazing value, has just been knocked out the park by this offer. Spending such a small amount to learn how and take advantage of direct mentoring to help you scale your business is truly an amazing offer. The entire program is yours for just a fraction of the usual price. This is a genuine One Time Offer, never to be repeated when this offer closes...

I bet there's a catch!

Let me assure you, there is no catch. Like all of our programs there are no strings, no small print, no tricks, no additional purchase once you've signed up. You are going to get exactly what it says on the tin, well actually there is no tin, but you will get what I have detailed for you below, keep reading, there's more to come to help you decide

How the program works...

First all you need to do is make the decision to buy. My advice is to Act Now, and get on board because we know as soon as you start this program and follow the advice you will see the results start to roll in and take your business to the next level.   

Once you have taken advantage of this excellent offer you will get a confirmation email with all the information you will need to access the program, materials, groups and events. 

Your Program Once you have all the details you can make an immediate start. Your program can be made more specific to you and your business by taking advantage of the development surgeries that you gain access to with this program. 

The program is delivered in easy to follow and plain english Modules and Lessons using a variety of media to ensure you are given the best possible opportunity to learn and succeed.

The Contents...

Business scale is best started at the very foundations and so that is where this program starts...

We take nothing for granted and so the program will start by looking at the very foundations of your business. That is not to say you don't have this covered but it is certainly worth looking back at the foundations to ensure they are sturdy enough to work in your favour during the development of your business.

There is a difference between growing and scaling a business...

Unfortunately too many 'business experts, use these terms interchangeably and that is a mistake, growth and scale are not the same thing. In this program we not only look at the difference but we also introduce you to the 10 core activities that will create for you the scale you seek and need for you and your business.   

PSPO is our shorthand (so I fell of the plain english wagon, sorry) for Product, Service, Process, Operation. This is all about seamless function. We often refer to this as creating the machine. Once you have a business that can operate as a well oiled machine, you will truly have a business that works for you, rather than you for it.   

Creating & Developing Your PSPO...

Build Your Brand & Connect With Your Customer...

Building your Brand with the right messaging helping you to not just connect with your customers but the community at large is a big part of creating scale for your business. In this program you will be taken through a proven process to enable you to get the best from your brand development.

Establishing your team...

Scaling your business requires you to spend time on establishing a great team around you. Building a team doesn't mean employing people, although that will certainly be part of the process at some point. It does mean working on meaningful collaborations, outsourcing and collaboration.   

Making Sustainability A Priority...

Creativity is a vital component for any business but running a business is not the place for knee-jerk decisions. we look at  creativity as a method for scaling a business rather than a free-for-all tool for solving problems. Sustainable growth helps you approach challenges thoughtfully, finding solutions that support your long-term well-being.

Adapting & Innovation...

Be prepared to change your approach because learning part of creating scale. In business if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Don’t change your company for change’s sake – scaling your business will become easier when you strategically align your choices with your ultimate purpose. Sustainable growth makes for a lasting business..   


 Access to the Business Building Program 

Fast-track to business success with  personal mentoring and coaching with the founder and author of the Rainmakers Club.

£500 (Value)

 Program Support From The Author

A level of support usually only given to our full paying members.

£1,000 (Value)

 Business Builder Mastermind Group

Usually exclusive to our Elite members only. 

£360 (Value)

 Building The Machine Mastermind 

Our regular mastermind group, including Zoom mastermind meetings on all things relating to the creation of scale in your business.

£750 (Value)

 Signed Copies of the latest books by Chris

You will also get a personalised signed copy of the Making Rain and The Seven C's Of Why books.

Free Bonus

TOTAL VALUE: £2,610.00




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