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We are starting a (R)Evolution and I want you to join us. We are changing the way business support and advice is delivered to those who truly want more from their business and want to learn more. Join our Revolution and let it become your Evolution!

when I started in business I was struggling to get the right support - now many years later, I have the privilege to provide the ultimate solution that has started a new movement...

When I first started in business, it sometimes felt like a very lonely place. Other times it was the best place in the world. Being in business is amazing, you can experience every emotion under the sun all in one day!

It often felt like when I needed someone to talk to, not just for advice but alternate views and opinions, based on real world knowledge and experience, it was often hard to find. I felt and still feel that there is a need for a different approach to business support and advice for small businesses, particularly those who are self funded and completely independent.

Despite the success I have experienced, I have never forgotten the early days and the frustrations I felt. Since those early days the landscape has changed beyond recognition. Technology is amazing and information has never been easier to access. Despite this I was and am amazed that all these years later the independent Start-Ups, Micro and small Businesses of today are still experiencing the same frustrations I felt all those years ago!

Something Had To change!

I came back to the UK after a stint in the US as CEO for a transatlantic business and wrote a book about performance. While on a UK speaking tour about the book, I found myself talking about this lack of support!

Some bright spark stood up and said this is great but when are you going to do something about it? That was the kick in the pants I needed and so the Rainmakers Club and the Making Rain website was the result.

Now I want to offer you this very special and unique to this page offer, so that you like many others can take full advantage of our easy to follow development programs and most of all our unlimited support and advice...

I want to offer you the chance to gain all the advantages of membership; but with A Bonus only available with this offer on this page right now!

I am 0ffering you everything on this page for just...


Per Month (No Strings, No Small Print, No Catches)

before you make your decision here is some information to help you make the right choice...

the core features of membership

Unlimited Support & Advice Included

When you join you will be able to take full advantage of our unique feature of unlimited support and advice on all subjects related to your personal & business development, no strings, no small print, just support and advice when you need it...

Full Access To Development Programs

When you become a member of the Rainmakers Club you immediately gain access to all our current and future development programs and frameworks. No additional purchases are needed. This one feature is going to save you a significant amount of money. More importantly you can dip in and out of the programs as often as you want...

Access All Events

With this membership offer, you are going to get access to all of our events all included within your membership. This includes all of our educational and mastermind and networking events. If you have an expertise of your own you will also be able to host your own events to the membership and community too...

Mastermind Groups

Your membership package is going to give you access to all of our structured mastermind groups. So that you can take full advantage of the significant benefits these groups will have on your business development. Not only that but you will be able to set up and run your own groups too...


Although we are not a networking business, we leave that to those businesses that are expert in that field, we do however recognise that there are great opportunities to be had in networking and so run regular networking events online. Encouraging our members to network on a regular basis with our central agenda of Learn, share and Develop in mind...

Personal Mentoring

When you join your membership will also give you access to personal mentoring from the founder of the Rainmakers Club and the author of the majority of the content in the various programs. Mentoring is all about the sharing of ideas and collating of alternate views so that you can make more informed choices. It is the choices you make that will dictate the levels of success you experience. So make this offer your next choice...

The Bonus stack just for you


 Uplifted Membership Pack

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£720 (Value)

Your Signed Copy Of The Seven C's Of Why 

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£30 (Value)

 Full Program Access 

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£997 (Value)

Personal Mentoring

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£1,200 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: £245.58

NORMALLY ONLY £60 per month




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