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I have been where you are going, more then once! Now it's my turn to give back.  It would be a pleasure to talk to you so please do book your one-to-one with me. It might just change everything...

  • We will inspire change and encourage strategic thinking
  • We promote greater revenue generation, while making a difference to the world
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Success comes from heartfelt desire

For the first few years of my business career I didn't have a full appreciation of the many elements that must be present for all of us to experience true success.

Not everyone has the tenacity, resilience and drive to turn their desire into consistent action and, in turn, the realisation of the dream, but we are intelligent and so can learn.

Common in all successful people is a deep-seated desire to achieve success. If you look at the most successful, this desire is clear to see and is based on a need to help others; your only purpose in business is to create something that will help others, and the role of your business is to serve.

"You must have a definite purpose, a cause that sits at the very centre of your being. To not have this is to accept average as a destiny."

Success is never a solo journey; there is immense power and opportunity in surrounding yourself with the right people and immersing yourself in an environment of support and constant learning.

That, in essence, is what the Rainmakers Club is all about and above all else, I wish you all the best for your venture and hope you will join our community...

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Long-time friend Mike and I raising money for those with learning challenges...

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Fellow Crew member and I in the early hours after a rescue in Norwich...

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My good friend Nik, hill climbing in Turkey before his big day...

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Putting our Atlantic 75 through its paces during the summer of 2022...

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A thank you from Norwich City FC after raising money for their charity...

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The crew suit room at the Hemsby Independent Lifeboat station...

My Story

A Story Of Focus on My One Big Why & Building Persistence & Resilience...

In the beginning... 

I had three passions in my early days: Writing, Rugby and Music. As a tee, my passion did not match my skill levels in any of the three! My music aspirations did not happen despite my best efforts. So, I decided to concentrate on sports; writing was still just beyond my reach, although that did not stop me... 

The Second Best Decision I ever Made...

 It turned out that the best way for me to play rugby and get paid was to join the Army. This was to be the second decision I ever made. It sounds a bit like a cliche, but joining the forces and completing six active service tours made me who I am today. It taught me courage, tenacity, empathy and the importance of service to others.  

I Had An Itch & It Needed To Be Scratched...

As much as I loved being a soldier, it was time to scratch the itch that I had experienced for many years, since school. It was time to venture into the tumultuous world of small business. I knew from day one that I needed to learn, and learn fast. Less than 72 hours after completing my final patrol I was on my way back to the UK for sales training in financial services. 

Where Was All The Support...

I learnt fast, but not fast enough to avoid many avoidable mistakes; the support needed was not there when I needed it, not unless I was willing to sell the family silver! It was this early that I knew something had to change, but it would be years before I had everything I needed to implement that change. I gained much experience in all that was wrong with business support and advice. I promised that I would change how support and advice were supplied to the underserved start-up, micro and small business communities as soon as possible. 

Never Give Up, Keep On Keeping On...

Eventually, and after burning more time and cash than I ought to have done, I tasted success, but it came at a high price, a price that I don't want others to pay. Because to be frank they don't need to. By now I had gained experience in building, selling and acquiring businesses and was also helping others to do the same. It was during this period that I also published my first book.

The International CEO & Gun For Hire...

The sale of my software business led to a series of contracts as a CEO and gun for hire. I found myself working on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Middle East on some great projects. While based in Pittsburgh, I made it to the final of the National Entrepreneur of the year award. The learning continued, but I was reintroduced to the start-up and micro-business communities, only to discover nothing had changed. All my frustrations came flooding back. The frustrations turned into a full-blown rant.

The Rant...

The more I worked with the sector, the more the rant grew until there was no other option but to do something positive about it. The rant turned into my second and third books and, from there, into a development program that I would get out to as many start-ups and micro and small businesses as possible. A new chapter in my journey unfolded in front of me, and the answer was clear. 

The Solution, A New Movement...

If I was to make the changes that were needed I would have to create a new movement that others would want to follow and to start that I needed to establish a tribe; I call the Movement Making Rain, and the tribe are all Rainmakers or aspiring Rainmakers and members of the Rainmakers Club. Now, all we have to do is make sure we fulfil my mission, to help as many micro, and small businesses as possible to find exceptional and sustainable results...

the belief that motivates & drives me

  • ​Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn what they must to create the success they desire, without the need to sell the family silver!
  • ​I believe I should Create the opportunity for as many enterprising business owners as possible to achieve this aim and it is my mission to create this chance for everyone to take advantage of.
  • I believe to do this we all need to ​Listen and then act. We should never close our minds to alternate views but stay true to what we have learnt. It is through listening that I learn and therefore create new opportunities for you to learn.
  • ​I believe I have been given my moment in time to Educate as many people as I am able, to help them to change their outcomes and results, the people I work with and for are tomorrows business hero's, tomorrows employers.
  • ​I believe to do all this I need to Attract people into my (R)Evolution; I need to create an attractive offering that delivers quality support and advice when needed the most.
  • Attracting is one thing but I also believe to grow our cause I must Nurture all those who open their minds and doors to the Rainmakers Club and all it stands for.
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I have walked your path, we are not that different...

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We all experience sleepless nights, wondering if we are doing the right thing. We all experience private moments of self doubt. We all have those who's opinion is important to us, telling us that we should consider getting a 'proper job'. Most of us have had direct experience of being let down by others and in so doing damaging our chances of success.

I have been there, I have walked that path. We tend to keep these thoughts and experiences to ourselves as we think it would damage our chances of being taken seriously by our peers and our market. 

The support and advice we give in the Rainmakers is designed and delivered with these simple facts front and centre, along with my proven success frameworks based on my experience merged with the experience of some of the greatest authorities from the past and present. Always delivered with an eye for the future. 

It is the cumulative effect of doing the right thing consistently over time that creates true success and history shows us time and again this is a journey that is never achieved in isolation. Success is and will continue to be experienced by those who Learn, Share and Develop surrounded by the right people.

My mission continues to be the empowerment of business growth through the power of our community, the power of learning, sharing and in so doing developing beyond this point to exceptional and sustainable results.

The same system I used to take my first real business from £0 to £13m in new business in just three years.

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